Best Time To Install Radiant Heated Floors?

Radiant floor heating systems are a great way to heat a room efficiently and evenly without worrying about hot and cold spots. They use thermal radiation and electromagnetic waves to heat the floor, radiating the heat upwards. The air in the room absorbs this energy, so it gets nice and toasty. When is a good time to install radiant heated floors?

New Home Construction

The best time to install radiant heated floors is when constructing a new house from scratch. In this case, the radiant system is considered in the design plans, allowing for a logical flow of events throughout the installation. This ensures that your home will be built with the heating system in mind so that the floors are installed and laid out well for maximum heat efficiency.

Major Renovations

Another time to install radiant heated floors is during major renovations that involve stripping out the flooring in your home. This is an ideal time to remove the old flooring and run new electrical wiring for the radiant heated floors. If you plan to put in radiant heated floors, this is an excellent time to do so. The installation will go much more smoothly than if you had yet to plan and do the major renovations first.

Remember, there may be a little height difference between a standard floor and flooring with radiant heating panels. These panels make placing them inside any existing structure easier while minimizing changes in floor height.

If you’ve ever been in an older building with cold floors, you know how uncomfortable walking on cold tile or concrete barefoot in the winter months can be! This can especially be a problem when using the restroom at night right before bedtime when your feet are already. Contact Rad King for your Long Island radiant heating system needs.

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